The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet is a sparkling and inspired ensemble founded in 2011 at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music. The four musicians from Poland, the Netherlands and Spain have quickly made a name for themselves in the Netherlands and abroad, performing in major halls including the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, De Singel in Antwerp, Musikverein in Vienna, Konzerthaus in Berlin and Liszt Academy Solti Hall in Budapest.

"Ebonit Saxophone Quartet appears to be capable of everything”


Upcoming Events
Live-streamed Concert
De Meevaart
Quarantine Concert
Live-streamed Concert
Studio 150
Kultursommer Nordhessen
Pfarrgarten in Burgwald-Bottendorf
Kultursommer Nordhessen
Schlosshof Rotenburg an der Fulda
Kultursommer Nordhessen
Schlosshof Rotenburg an der Fulda

“Extraordinary homogenous and exciting”


Our Discography

“Ebonit Saxophone Quartet plays many fine drawn lines with a clear distribution of voices with
throbbing bass foundations, and mournful, sighing, upper voices”



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